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Flux #1 - A night of new work - SOLD OUT

Welcome to our very first Flux - A Night Of New Work. Join us at Jamboree, Saint Chad's Place, London, UK for an enriching evening that highlights the latest and most captivating works in progress from emerging artists.

We present to you a showcase of fresh talent and innovative performances that will leave you inspired: carefully curated short form works ranging from poetry, theatre, performance art and film.Following the curated program, there will be an open forum for anyone eager to share their work and receive feedback in a supportive and laid-back setting.Admission is free, and you can find the ticket link in bio.

We look forward to welcoming you to the community.

We are now taking applications for Flux#2 - please do give us an email if you have some work you wish to share, we will have sporadic 'jam style' evenings in the interim - FLUX #2

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