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My coaching philosophy integrates mindfulness, movement, and self-discovery to help actors tap into their authentic selves and bring depth to their work and characters.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, I've had the privilege of working with individuals at various stages of their acting careers. My coaching sessions extend beyond scene analysis and character development to encompass practices that promote overall well-being. I guide actors in cultivating presence, connecting with their breath, and embracing vulnerability as a source of strength in their performances.

I specialize in creating a safe and inclusive space where actors can explore their artistic expression while fostering a sense of inner balance. Whether you're a seasoned performer looking to deepen your craft or a newcomer eager to discover your unique voice, looking to get into drama school or simply work on self,  I am dedicated to supporting you on your journey.

My coaching sessions often incorporate mindfulness exercises, movement exploration, and techniques drawn from various artistic practices. By addressing the interconnected aspects of mind, body, and spirit, I empower actors to not only deliver compelling performances but also to navigate the challenges of the industry with resilience and authenticity.

If you're seeking a holistic approach to acting that encompasses the entirety of your being, I invite you to join me on this transformative exploration. Let's embark on a journey where creativity, self-discovery, and artistic expression converge to create performances that resonate on a profound level.


Jacob is an award winning Actor, writer and filmmaker. He holds a Masters in Acting from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and has over 10 years of experience on both stage and screen.

Coaching can be offered remotely online or in person (London based).

For more info, please navigate to the contact page.

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