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Current Projects

Now free to stream Cold is a is a dark fairy tale about love, grief, madness and redemption. Winner of 27 awards, including 12 for best film COLD has played in festivals all over the world. After a routine ante-natal appointment a thirty-something couple find themselves transported to a terrifying frozen forest in which they are unable to speak. Forced to shelter in a remote cabin, hunted by a ferocious wild beast and desperate to find their way home, they are forced to confront the brutal truth about themselves, each other and the future of their unborn child. COLD is a deeply personal work for Director Claire Coaché and writer Lisle Turner.


After experiencing an unavoidable medical termination and then a miscarriage in which Claire experienced near-fatal blood loss, they were determined to speak about a subject so often awkwardly avoided. The work is based not only on their experiences but on the first-person testimonies of other couples willing to speak about this subject.


COLD was shot on the mainstage of Courtyard Hereford while the venue was closed during Covid. The production combined the skillsets of theatre and film professionals to unique effect. In late 2021 Cold previewed on cinema screens at Courtyard Hereford, Lyric Hammersmith and Theatre Royal Norwich. It’s inclusion in the London International Mime Festival saw the beginning of it’s 2022 festival tour. The film has subsequently screened in festivals all over the world and collected 27 awards.

COLD laurels (April 2022).png

Universe 25 is the debut feature film by Richard Melkonian, produced by Entropy Films UK. Currently in post production. 


Written Directed & Music by Richard Melkonian
Cast: Giacomo Gex, Tania Khan, Dan Sociu, Ana Guran, 

Produced by Richard Melkonian & Giacomo Gex, Entropy Films

Cinematographers: Juanjo L. Salazar, Giacomo Gex, Fraser Rigg

Production Designer, Elodie Chiper

Shot on Kodak 16mm


Are you looking for a different way to celebrate Valentines? Try this heady cocktail of world-class burgers, local love stories and award-winning actors – an immersive, theatre-dining experience like no other!

While you eat and drink the best the Beefy Boys have to offer, five short plays by local writers will be performed in and around the restaurant by our outstanding cast.

Inspired by local stories of romance from the Old Cattle Market expect drama, love and laughter Hereford style…


TETHERED a RADA Scratch project (Coronet Theatre)

TETHERED - 'A couple find themselves in an inescapable chasm - a space in which words are too much and yet not enough. Keeping up appearances of a mundane domestic life, the two explore something of an unspeakable grief'.

This began as a scratch at the Coronet theatre and will be extended for the RADA Lab works 2023. Book to see it from the 28th Nov - 02nd of Dec here - Lab Works 1 — RADA

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"Moments Like These" is a love story about two strangers coming together in a moment of connection, only to discover all isn't as it seems. When unspoken boundaries are crossed and the first morning light appears, reality comes crashing down onto them.''


EXPERIMENTAL (Photo Project)

A photo series exploring city living, finding connection and slowing down in a frantic world.

Garden Photos 25 grain (2).jpg

A YouTube experiment - a one shot rodeo. 

No Logline as of yet - watch on the link above.  PT 2 Incoming.

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