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A love letter to the road

On a feeling. Life can be happening so fast that when you get moments like these, time can stretch out to eternity. A week becomes a moment, and I don’t mean a fast moment. The days fade away, each second intertwines. And when you allow it, allow the unknown to creep in, it becomes clear. A straight line of acceptance. We stop. Stop running in circles, chasing old paths - life happens but at a slower rate. It pours out and and seeps into being. It becomes a constant. A feeling that engulfs so deep. A flow. As days tip into nights, the world turns blue, the guards come down and the world glows in a neon haze, unfolding. These feelings rise and we live free in this silence. We boogie woogie letting it all come out, right up until… we lean in. We open out. Some time away from that of which is the disease of the conscious mind. Revolving toward a that of a new beginning.

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