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Turtle Key Arts and Courtyard Hereford present Open Sky Theatre’s feature-length film, COLD - a dark fairy tale about love, grief, madness and redemption.

From an antenatal hospital appointment a couple find themselves mysteriously transported to a stark, frozen forest. Lost, cold and hunted by a terrifying beast, they must save themselves and their unborn child. So begins a struggle for survival involving hostile elements, malign magical forces and a truly terrible choice.

COLD was created by acclaimed, Lecoq-trained physical theatre maker Claire Coaché and her husband, the award-winning playwright and film-maker Lisle Turner. It is based on their own experiences of baby loss and first person testimony from other grieving parents.

The project was conceived and rehearsed as a physical theatre piece but then, in response to lockdown, shot as a film on the main stage of Courtyard Hereford.

There will be a free live online symposium featuring Claire and Lisle and experts within the field of baby loss and miscarriage. All are welcome to attend.

Contains images of baby loss and miscarriage.


★★★★ Read The Reviews Hub 4 Star review >

★★★★ Read more Review's

★★★★ ‘Cold’ – London International Mime Festival: An unflinching depiction of a parent’s worst nightmare – London Theatre Scene

"★★★★ - Powerful, hard-hitting & incredibly moving, Cold is not an easy watch but it is essential viewing"

Berlin International Art Film Festival Best Indie Feature and Best Female Filmmaker

Sipontum Arthouse International Film Festival Italy Best Actress

"In the performances of Etuk and Meadows, there is little opportunity to hide.

Janet Etuk and Jacob Meadows, as Falda and Ulf, rip the heart out of their pain, their bodies tightly wound."

“Theatrically ingenious, bold and arresting, and unflinchingly addresses what might be the most defining and universal of all human experiences - loss”

Gareth McLean, Journalist (Guardian, Radio Times)

“Go and see COLD when it comes out. It's an extraordinary and powerful and important piece of work that moved me more than I'd have imagined”

Julia Bueno, Psychotherapist & Author of The Brink of Being

Recent Interview -

IKMM concept poster by Dan Gaze.webp

I Killed Molly Monroe


Mini Series

Crime Drama

Unified Entertainment Productions


I killed Molly Monroe is a Docu-Drama mini series investigating the demise of model and social media influencer Molly Monroe that focuses on the fateful night she was last seen alive.

Each episode starts with a confession. We then learn how & why the individual feels responsible for her death.

Sacha Firmager, Leon Herbert, Jamie Langlands, Karl Kennedy-Williams, Stephanie Hazel, Antonia Whillans, Sarah Maddocks, Paul Coster, Obie Dean, Christian Dapp, Judson Vaughan, Jacob Meadows, Giselle Parker, Julie Viinikka, Ramai Nonyelu, Lewis Saunderson, Malcolm James, Jane Lu, Tom Clear, Andrew McDonald, Lauren De Freitas, Angela Elise Munnoch, Grainne Kelly, Carrie Higgs, Emily Jane Broooks.


Film Festivals:

Twilight Tokyo Film Festival (Japan) - Best Television/Pilot Program or Series
New Jersey Film Awards (USA) - Best Web Series/TV Pilot

I Killed Molly Monroe | Hypericum (


Meat Free

A couple enjoy a post-coitus dinner date when one of them begins to have a strange reaction

Dir. Ben Ogyunbiyi


Belly of Pork

'BELLY OF PORK' is a sharp-edged Short about a man who owes money and has to deal with its consequences in the midst of a nice Sunday dinner. Violent, funny and verbally explosive, 'Belly Of Pork' shines a unique light on the paradox of debt. Featuring terrific performances from Shaun Stone as 'Jon' and Jacob Meadows as 'Scott', this darkly original short film is the third instalment of the three-part Lockdown Trilogy of short films written, directed and produced by the effective partnership of music video director Marc de Groot and writer Chris Powell. 


Piece Of Mind


A soldier comes back from war and struggles to fit back in to his own life, forcing him to take a look in the mirror.

Starring Jacob Meadows, Charlie Gardner, Paul Coster, Isobel Wood, Orion Powell, Olivia Foan



Written and directed by Thom and Benjamin Parry.

Starring Srbo Markovic, Ignacy Rybarczyk, Jacob Meadows.


Close Shave 

Logan enters a barbershop to start afresh with a clean shave, only to find himself in trouble when his mutant identity is exposed.

Dir. Mahmut Akay

Starring Cameron Jack, Jack Forsyth-Noble, Michael Chase, Tom Cray, Neizan Fernandez, Jacob Meadows




A semi-autobiographical short film about an estranged brother taking on the parental role of his autistic sister. When Leon's father passes away, he must take care of his younger sister whilst trying to save an already fragile relationship with his partner Robyn.

Dir. Connor Kinsey

Starring Alice Briggs, Jacob Meadows, Fuen Vera



A failing writer struggles to deal with his rocky mental health and the cold stares of a random woman in a coffee shop, fighting a losing battle to maintain self control

Starring Bryan Moriarty, Daisy Boyden, Philip Ridout, Emma Bugg, Jacob Meadows

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