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Actor, Filmmaker.

Jacob is an award winning actor, originally from the West Midlands now based in London - he recently graduated from RADA on the MA 


He is cast in the BFI funded  'Cherry Red'  with award winning director Stella Scott, and in the feature 'Universe 25' dir. Richard Melkonian both shooting early 2024. He is currently appearing in the multi award winning feature 'COLD'  which debuted at the London Mime Festival, and has his debut short as a Writer/Actor/Filmmaker  'Moments Like These'  currently on the festival circuit

Represented by Victoria Lepper Associates 

★★★★ ''Ulf rages, and Jacob Meadows’s performance is visceral and his body –muscles, veins, eyes – rages too''

★★★★ ''In the performances of Etuk and Meadows, there is little opportunity to hide''

★★★★ ''The acting is superb and the movement of the physical bodies coupled with the use of music as an external layer provide depth and beauty''

★★★★ ''Powerful, hard-hitting & incredibly moving, Cold is not an easy watch but it is essential viewing"

 'Etuk and Meadows do sterling work emoting and expressing the whole gamut of emotions, from hope, to agony and on through madness and resignation'' - The Guardian

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All Videos

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