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Original screenplay by Jacob Meadows and Macadie Amoroso 


"Two estranged brothers are forced to unpack the past when the only thing that ties them together hangs in the balance“



Two half-brothers, Will (28) and Jamal (18), are en-route to visit their father, Geoff, who’s been rushed into hospital. The pair haven’t spoken in over 8 years. Now confined on a three-hour car journey with the life of their father hanging in the balance, they have a choice; keep silent and carry on as they are or confront their past before their common ground falls out from beneath them. This is a story of brotherhood, father figures, and identity, as the two men unearth their perceptions of the past, trawling through rejection, race and wrong assumptions. Now is the time to make up for the years they’ve lost and find common ground between one another, their father aside.



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